Inuyasha And Kagome Lemon

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Summary: Lord Sesshomaru told me once that he despises humans. That they are lower than the ground he walks on and would never love one. He shattered my heart from.
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Down by the river(a Koga oneshot { Lemon}) requested by.
May 07, 2010  · Koga’s P.O.V It was a hot afternoon and you were searching for a river or something like that to cool you down and to drink something. Sniffling the air.
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Kouga is your baby's father! you too are a wolf demon but you travel with inuyasha's pack as you call are 19 ~Story Time~ " InuYasha there's a strange sent. Inuyasha: Complete Movies Box Set: Richard Ian.
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[Update] Hi guys, love this scene. Here's an updated video with better video and audio quality than the previous one. This scene is extracted from "Zero No.
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bueno aqui les dejo un video de una excelente caricatura y un buen sountrack
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Summary: This story is my first one ever and its about Sesshomaru and Rin ten years after they met. They slowly fall in love, some say they have a father and daughter.
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Sesshomaru is the father of your baby! you are a full cat demon and 21 years old. this is how you met, ect. ~How You Met~..... "Jaken!"
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A collection of stories about the Rurouni Kenshin characters spanning Kenshin and Kaoru's 55-year marriage after the Jinchuu Arc of the manga.
Lunaescence Archives :: Moderated Creative Writing Community
Summary: Have you ever wondered what a shoe thought, felt, and saw? Have you ever wondered what kind of abuse that Inuyasha's shoes go through on an average day?
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Under the moonlight. Prt 16 ** I don't own the characters of Inuyasha. This is just for enjoyment. Thanks** Kagome looks up to him and says in a low voice, "I feel.
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Sesshomaru x Reader { InuYasha} Chapter OneIt had been around three weeks up since you'd followed your friend Kagome down the well and ended up lost and found a.

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